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quote The movers went above and beyond in terms of professionalism and organisation, making our house move simple and stress-free.

  • Jack
  • 01Dec 2023

quote These guys are just fabulous. They are the best at what they do and do not drain the bank account. Great company.

  • Lily Jameson
  • 05Aug 2019

quote Would use Moving Firm West Wimbledon again in a heartbeat, cheap, fast and reliable removals couldn't ask for anything else.

  • Richard Popl
  • 26Feb 2018

quote Nothing looks better than a professional job. Moving made easy by Removals West Wimbledon is what I got for my money. I am so glad I put my faith in their moving services. It paid off!

  • Jeff
  • 15Mar 2017

quote Great job, guys! Thank you so much for the great job you did of moving my commercial belongings to my new work place last week. I was extremely worried and stressed about the situation and you have just shown how professional and experienced you are! Thanks again, WestWimbledonRemovals did a fantastic job!

  • George
  • 14Jul 2015

quote My experiences with removal companies in the past had left a lot to be desired for. It always seemed as if they were just going through the motions, and waiting for the time at which they could call it a day. This was far from the case with WestWimbledonRemovals and their team of experts. Their removal team were utter professionals and worked tirelessly until my items had been moved. What surprised me was the fact they managed to remain upbeat throughout the entire process, which made the experience a lot more easier for me as a whole.

  • Melvin C.
  • 17Mar 2015

quote I was travelling overseas for 6 months and wanted my home contents putting into secure storage. I hired a fantastic company called WestWimbledonRemovals to sort the job. They were efficient and prompt and sorted the right service to suit my needs. I was supplied with a competent team who helped with the packing and boxing as well as the move. The workers were a friendly bunch and worked hard. Everything was stacked safely in the storage room, and nothing was broken or damaged.

  • Anthony
  • 12Nov 2014

quote There are a few different removals companies out there, and I am always wondering whether they are all the same, as you never really know what each one is like until you have worked with them. However, comparing our recent removal with WestWimbledonRemovals to the other moves that I have done, I am starting to think that some companies are a lot better than others! This lot were excellent, they made us feel at ease, helped with advice as well as getting the removal sorted quickly and efficiently. It was all extremely satisfactory, and I would definitely use them again!

  • E. Parker
  • 10Sep 2014

quote You can't really neat a decent removal team when it comes to getting the whole thing done without too much stress. I tend to find that there is a huge amount that you can get wrong, and when I moved with WestWimbledonRemovals last week they took for granted things that I would never have otherwise thought about! I have never had such an easy removal as with them recently, and it was a real relief I must admit. You really find this sort of a company, and I was really chuffed to have gotten a hold of them.

  • D.Griffin
  • 27Aug 2014

quote When you get a really great service, it just seems as though you want to let more people know all the time. I think I've finally run out of friends who are moving so there's no more people to whom I can suggest WestWimbledonRemovals. So I thought I'd pop online and leave a review and then far more people can see who they should hire when moving home. For me, the best thing was the price, in that they were able to save me money. But the way they used their expertise to make everything simple was so excellent.

  • Diana Taylor
  • 29Apr 2014